Choose A Bathroom Medicine Cabinet
To Fit Your Decor

By: Ezra Plank

Bathroom medicine cabinets are those things with a mirror that go on the wall, traditionally above bathroom sinks. Choosing a medicine cabinet involves more than just getting one that satisfies your need for a space in which to store your medicines. As a room furnishing, it will be a part of, and have an influence on your total bathroom decor.

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When you are decorating your bathroom, whether you are fitting out a new home or redecorating an older one, you need to take several things into consideration. First, you bathroom must be highly functional. It is a room in which most people spend very little time, but has several important uses that must be accommodated.

All bathrooms, even small hall closets, must have at least a toilet and sink. And a complete bathroom needs to have a tub or shower in which to bathe. These fixtures should all blend harmoniously into a whole which is both useable and aesthetically pleasing.

Pink Bathroom, view 01 by yanajenn, on Flickr
Wood medicine cabinet with lighting & mirror

Before you can decide on a bathroom medicine cabinet, you need to decide on a theme for the entire room. What will be your style and color scheme? If you are redecorating an existing bathroom, but not installing new fixtures, their style and color will obviously greatly influence your choice of bathroom wall cabinett.

Once you have decided on a general look, then you can begin to choose this important, but often ignored, item of furniture. Your first decision will depend on whether you are also installing a new sink or using the one that's already there. In the former case, you may want to purchase a coordinated bathroom vanity set. In addition to a bathroom wall cabinet, such a set consists of a "vanity", which holds the sink, and contains a cabinet and drawers for storage.

Next, you must choose where you are going to mount the cabinet.

  • Will it be located in a corner or in the interior wall space?

  • Is it going to be mounted on the surface of the wall, or recessed?
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And finally, we come to picking out the style. Many types of bathroom wall cabinets are available:

  • Mirrored or mirrorless.

  • Framed or frameless.

  • Rectangular or oval shape.

  • Single or multiple door.

  • Modern style or vintage.

  • Factory-made or handcrafted.

All of the choices above, and more, will be discussed further on the other pages of this website. By adhering closely to the principles of design, you can be assured that your new bathroom medicine cabinet will be something in which you can take great pleasure and pride.

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